What To Expect

Incision: mid-chest with incisions of one or  both legs for bypass graft harvest


  • For All Surgeries
    • Please call our office at 4:30pm the day prior to your procedure to obtain your arrival time for the nexdt day. For Monday procedures, please call on the Friday prior to your procedure.
  • UMC
    • You will have a pre-op appointment in outpatient services that will include preop teaching as well as lab work
  • LHH or CMC
    • You will arrive at your respective hospital for pre-op teaching & lab work as determined by our office. Please call our office to obtain that time


  • Pain medication will be prescribed.
  • Wound care consist of soap & water in the shower every day.
  • Poor appetite for approximately 3 weeks.
  • Walk daily several times for exercise.
  • Leg edema – use elevation to treat
  • For internal mammary artery harvesting – pain along the left breast area.
  • Restrictions of activity – primarily no lifting over ten pounds. May drive after app. 3 weeks if not using narcotics.